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Monday, September 3, 2012

Major News For The Horror Junkies Blog. Please Read!

As readers of Horror Junkies, I know you guys are aware of this blog being the source for all of our horror content, so I wanted to alert everybody of a change I am implementing. As of this evening, this blog will no longer be used for posting new Horror Junkies content. We are going to begin using our Tumblr blog as the official blog for Horror Junkies content. Don't worry, the change will be as painless as possible! We will be pointing the domain for our blog ( towards our Tumblr page, so if you've bookmarked our blog with that domain, you won't have to change anything. The domain is staying the same, it will just point to our Tumblr instead of this blog. We will also be purchasing a new theme for Tumblr in the coming weeks, not only to make the blog look a lot nicer, but also to help it maintain a bit of the same feel as this blog.

The reason for doing this is that the current host for our blog (Blogger by Google) not only has an extremely small and unflattering selection of themes for the blog, but the features are quite unstable and don't look very good. The blog tends to look messy and is just unappealing. Widgets for things such as Facebook and Twitter integration on Tumblr are much cleaner and sleeker looking. Also, this change will save time and effort in posting new content. Instead of adding content to this blog, then re-posting it on our main site, Tumblr page, Facebook, and Twitter, we can just post the content on Tumblr, share it to Facebook and Twitter through our Tumblr, then add it to the main website. It will be a lot better in the long run, as well as giving the Horror Junkies blog a very nice new theme.

The theme on Tumblr that we are looking into purchasing for the blog costs $50, so at the moment, we cannot purchase it due to lack of funds needed. We will still be implementing this change tonight, but the new theme won't be added for a few weeks. If you would like to help us get the new theme, please feel free to donate any amount (Even $1 helps!) to our Paypal account using the e-mail address on Paypal. To encourage readers to donate to our new theme, we will offer a few perks for donations!

$5 donation gets TWO free Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies decals. You can request to add your gamertag, name, etc. View the colors and more information here.

$10 donation gets a Horror Junkies bumper sticker. View the sticker here.

$15.00 donation gets a t-shirt featuring Darryl's ear necklace from 'The Walking Dead'. View the t-shirt here.

Sadly, at the moment, those are the only perks we can offer. If you choose to donate, please leave a comment on this post letting us know what your name is and the amount you donated, as well as an e-mail address we can use to contact you, and we will send out your perk as soon as possible (We will have to put in an order for the item you receive, then ship it once it gets to us).

We are looking extremely forward to this new change, as it will be much better for the blog and the efficiency of operating the website. It will also give more opportunities for promoting the website and getting more readers, as Tumblr posts reach a much wider audience than the posts on this blogging platform. You DO NOT need to register on Tumblr to view our posts, you can still view our posts free of charge, as this website always has and always will be 100% free. We are also incorporating a Disqus plugin to our Tumblr to allow for commenting, instead of simply liking and/or reblogging a post.

One thing we would like to stress is that this blog WILL NOT be deleted or shut down in a way that will prevent anybody from reading any posts. If you have this blog bookmarked or any posts saved, don't worry! You will always be able to read them, and due to the fact that this blog has contributed majorly to our website, as well as having such a large amount of content on it, it WILL remain online, we are just going to cease in updating it with new content, and instead move to Tumblr for new content.

A possibility we are strongly looking into at the moment is giving this blog the new purpose of using it for our new horror reviews section on our website. Instead of updating it with new horror content, we may start updating it with nothing more than horror movie, tv show, and/or game reviews, while we continue to use Tumblr for news and website updates.

We hope that our readers will enjoy this change as much as we do, and look forward to any and all thoughts and comments you may have on this change!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Interview: Alan Ball Talks 'True Blood'

At the end of Season 5 of the popular HBO series 'True Blood', showrunner Alan Ball left the show, but he left a lot of questions in the wake of his departure. Lucky for all you True Blood fans though, as Ball gave up some info in an interview recently, including the news that there will only be 10 shows next season. Read on to catch the interview.

Two New TV Spots For Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Orlando

The days of summer are slowly but surely winding down, and as we enter the month of September, October is drawing ever closer. The month of October can be a horror fans best friend, bringing a slew of new horror flicks and TV shows, horror attractions and marathons on TV, and of course, every horror junkie's favorite holiday: Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, we have our hands on a load of new details from this year's Halloween Horror Nights attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando, including two new trailers for each location's event! Head inside to get the scoop!

Step Inside Eli Roth's Goretorium...If You Dare!

The infamous Goretorium, created from the twisted mind of Eli Roth, doesn't open until September 27th, but a who would want to wait that long?! A couple of images have surfaced online that take us inside for a sneak peak, and although they don't reveal anything too serious, they do give us a small taste of what's to come, and we love it! Check out the images after the break, one of which is straight from the Goretorium on Twitter!

AMC Delivers Second Teaser Trailer For Third Season of 'The Walking Dead'

Another new teaser for 'The Walking Dead' season 3 has been released to the hordes of undead fans out there. The new trailer gives away about as much as the last one, but this one has a bit of zombie action in it to help out. This time around, we're given a glimpse at the undead inmates that await Rick and his group at the prison. Accompanying the scene is Hershel Greene's line, "Christ promised a resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something different in mind." Check out the video after the jump.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Second Teaser Trailer For 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Is Insane!

Now that we have your attention, the videos for 'American Horror Story: Asylum' just seem to get stranger and stranger with each new release, and this second teaser trailer is no different. Taking a cue from last year's 'Family Portrait' promo, this promo drops enough clues to satisfy any fan that knows what to make of the video. The clues might not make much sense at first glance, but if you take a minute to dissect each frame, then you've got yourself a pretty good handle on how things may work out in the second season. Take a look at the video and a detailed breakdown inside.

Chilling Sneak Preview Of 'The Walking Dead' Season 3

AMC has released the first teaser trailer for the third season of 'The Walking Dead', and compared to the previous Comic-Con trailer (Released a few months ago), this one is a bit of a let down. Could AMC be attempting to replicate the hype generated by the extremely short 'American Horror Story: Asylum' teaser promos? Who knows! Whatever the reasoning behind the shortness may be, you can take a look at the new trailer below. Enjoy!